Hard Drive Recovery

Your computer has become the single most important appliance in your home. You use it for everything from playing games to playing music, watching movies and tracking your finances. Think of all the data that is stored on your computer and then consider what would happen if you lost it. That’s why qualified hard drive recovery is such an essential service.

The hard drive in your computer is one of the most failure prone components, yet it holds all of your critical data: your financial info, your music files and digital photos. What would you do if your hard drive died?

If you hear clicking noises, there’s a very good chance that the read/write heads of your hard drive have malfunctioned. Hard drive repair is possible, but you should immediately bring your computer in to a company that specializes in hard drive recovery – continuing to run the hard drive in a damaged state may make your data loss permanent. Even if you have suffered data loss through accidental deletion or because of a virus, there’s a good chance it can be recovered if your computer is brought in to a specialist.


Sophos HIPS: Protecting Against Zero-Day Threats

SophosLabs™ develops the pioneering technology built into their products. Their HIPS technology uses four layers of integrated detection to stop zero-day threats — without the need for complex configuration.

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Application Control Can Improve Your Security

Application Control is, first and foremost, a layer of defence against malware and it is an essential layer. Every unmanaged and un-patched application is a vector for malware to exploit your computers. Application Control also helps businesses in the area of IT efficiency as well as end user productivity and flexibility. Unfortunately it is usually used solely as a tool for the latter.


8 Threats Your Anti-virus Won’t Stop

News headlines are a constant reminder that malware attacks and data leakage are on the rise. Over the past decade, the threat has changed and traditional anti-virus is no longer enough to protect against today’s sophisticated and financially-motivated cybercriminals.


Web Attacks: Using Malicious JavaScript to Deliver Malware

Delivering malware via the web is now the cybercriminal’s favored means of attack with a newly infected website discovered every few seconds. Join us on December 15th to learn about today’s modern threats.


Sophos PCI Toolkit

This online toolkit includes the resources you need to keep your data safe, be compliant and secure your network.

Palo Alto Networks

Marcus Ranum and Nir Zuk discuss the future of the network perimeter

60 minutes: The Future of the Perimeter – Join two pioneers in network security as they discuss the future of the network perimeter


Sophos Endpoint Assessment Test

The Endpoint Assessment Test is a free tool that scans a computer and assesses whether it is a security risk to your organization.


Sophos Free Encryption Tool

Securely sending or storing data can be tricky if you don’t have a robust security infrastructure. We make encryption easy for you with Sophos Free Encryption.

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